Čičmany (Slovakia)

Čičmany - CC Pavel N. Matustik

Čičmany – CC Pavel N. Matustik

In October 2007, our trip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia took us to the small and remote village of Čičmany. We wanted to see its traditional wooden houses, darkened with varnish and decorated with strange white motifs: abstract geometric shapes, crosses, hearts, spirals…

Čičmany – CC ed.h

We arrived just before dusk. That morning we left our hotel in Prague to cross the border and get into Slovakia. A bit tired from the trip, our first glimpse of the town was like something decadent. October isn’t a busy month, so Čičmany looked like a ghost town. Before arriving to our accommodation there, we had not seen anyone in the street. A lot of houses looked closed up tight, some of them were in a state of neglect.

Čičmany - CC Roser Martínez


Čičmany – CC Andy Šedík

 We stayed at Pension Javorina, a traditional wooden house of Čičmany. After dropping our bags and settle into a fairly comfortable rooms (well,we were alone in the pension), we went for a little walk. Night fell, and walking by the lonely street-road that was Čičmany, we saw some lights coming from the cemetery. We approached to the gloomy church that gave way to the graveyard and from there we saw the tombs decorated with flowers and little candles. The November 1st was close. The sight of the lonely village, the tombs on earth iluminated by candles, the dark houses with their strange paintings, put together was a little gloomy. But the truth is that the two days we were sleeping there were really nice.

Čičmany - Copyright Roser Martínez


Čičmany – CC nevio n

Čičmany in winter

Čičmany is part of a little ski resort. Here there aren’t big hotels but little restaurants serving local food and accommodations settled in the traditional houses. If you are travelling by the area is worth a visit. If can be at dusk better.

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